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The Chronicles of Little Collins CBD Dispensary

Little Collins CBD Dispensary located in Co. Galway is your one-stop-shop for all things CBD in Ireland. From CBD tea to flower to oil for your pet, it almost feels as if you're in Amsterdam.

Little Collins CBD dispensary vs the Guardian of the Peace

Little Collins CBD Dispensary in Co. Galway and Kildare's is billed as a vegan cafe and bakery, but most people will know it as the exclusive spot to pick up some of the hottest CBD items. While selling hemp flower containing up to 20% CBD for 10/gram seems like a fantastic deal, Little Collins CBD dispensary is acutely aware of the gray areas lurking in worn-out Irish drug law.

Currently, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) allows crops that are grown from EU-certified seed containing below 0.2% THC* to be sold, but the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977 still classifies THC, to any degree, illegal. This puts Little Collins CBD Dispensary in close watch at all times. In fact, Little Collins has been raided by the authorities four times in the past two and a half years, most recently in February of this year.

*THC is the psychoactive (get used to this word as it's one of my favourites. Do not mix the definitions of psychoactive and psychedelic.) counterpart to CBD, two of the main compounds found in the hemp plant. Read more on the difference between CBD and THC.

With each raid, a larger force grows behind the cannabis movement. While shops struggling like Little Collins that are struggling to stay open or people like Vera takes a brunt of the discipline, receiving thousands of Euro in fines, court time, and the ever-threat of jail time, the citizens of Ireland are bare-knuckle boxing their way back to the top. Due to the recent negative press, a wave of local activists are beginning to speak out in rebuttle. Popular forum site Reddit /r/Crainn and twitter hashtags like #cannabisreformIreland#cannabisreformIreland and #talktovera are ripe with buzz on continued awareness efforts. Some users, like Twitter user @Cork_Can have even made it a daily affirmation to let a few of our Irish favourites know their true thoughts on the matter.

We want to hear from you!

What are you doing to help bring awareness regarding safe cannabis practices? Are you taking part in any forms of activism, education, or political campaigns? What are some of your favourite resources for Ireland cannabis updates? Let us know!

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